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About us

At Everfresh we look at things a little differently; simply, that life is incredibly special and every moment must always be enjoyed to its full potential. We believe the joy of life is hugely influenced by health and laughter of friends and family. This kind of positivity enhances our mental health and allows us to perform at our intellectual best. Obviously our physical health has a direct bearing on our well-being and happiness. Exercising regularly enough to feel good without overdoing it, consuming enough alcohol to have a laugh without becoming the laughing stock of the crowd, and eating healthy, fresh foods full of the goodness of the earth in the right proportions are the key to a healthy happy life.

Our staff gets plenty of exercise by packing all that healthy product onto shelves and walking the aisles greeting customers. Thatís the reason why youíll always find us smiling, friendly and super-ready to help you with any enquiry, big or small! Service isnít difficult to get right; actually our secret is the simplest in the world. Itís about being genuine, treating every customer with the respect that they deserve and treating every customerís problem with undivided attention and providing a dependable, immediate solution.

Unfortunately these days, ĎFreshí is a concept thatís being bandied about by many food retailers. We have many imitators, but there is only one Everfresh! The promise of freshness is inherently part of everything we do, just look at our name! We are very serious about the concept of freshness, so serious that we have virtually redefined it and given it back its original, positive qualities. This has lead to a Ďfresh thinkingí in many parts of the business.

Products found on the shelves of larger, national food companies have often had to endure prolonged storage times in distribution centres, and then lengthy transport times thousands of kilometres to their selling point. Depending on the product, they often have preservatives or additives added to try and compensate for these logistical hurdles, but itís the consumers who ultimately have to compensate on freshness. The procurement much of the produce found in Everfresh stores are from farms and suppliers in the immediate communities. This not only supports and promotes the local economies, but also means that produce on the shelves is the freshest it can possibly be due to the proximity of where the produce was farmed in relation to its ultimate selling point. Thatís what fresh really is!

Even the relationship Everfresh has with suppliers is unique. Take farmer William Doogle he unpacks his cabbage truck every Wednesday morning himself. After 28 years in the business he doesnít need to, he has plenty of hands to do the unpacking. He unpacks his truck because, like the staff at Everfresh he is passionate about his product and wants to be as Ďhands-oní as possible. Williamís cabbages are checked into stock and on the shelf the same day. Thatís a fresh approach.

Our management and staff have a phenomenal attitude towards their customers, thatís because theyíve taken the time to get to know the individuals who shop in our stores. Being a local, neighbourhood food store, we have customers rather than consumers, and enjoy a healthy relationship with them by providing expertise and service in an effortless, friendly manner. Thatís refreshing.

Weíve established a loyal band of foodies and customers who treasure the imported, cosmopolitan specialities and rarities found only at Everfresh. As well as bringing you the best quality from the local suppliers, there are certain items that are perfected overseas, like real example here Mrs. Giuseppeís imported Italian pastas, which customers have grown to love and rely on. At Everfresh we basically offer customers the widest range of local and imported food items at one awesome destination! Thatís a refreshing way to shop!

We are a family, passionate about healthy food and are always just around the corner to share our expertise in good food with you, helping you and your family enjoy the healthy lifestyle you deserve. Enjoy a refreshingly healthy shopping experience at Everfresh and give your family the best you can, with fresh goods from your area and specialities from around the world.

Everfresh, a fresh way of thinking!


Shop L23, 24, 25
Windermere Centre
Tel: 031 303 5976

Cowey Rd
109-12B Cowey Park
91-123 Cowey Rd
Tel: 031 208 0050

Shop 14B, Heritage Market
9 Old Main Road
Tel: 031 765 8640

31 Westville Road
Blue Heights Centre
Tel: 031 266 1011

Douglas Crowe Drive
The Circle Business Park
Tel: 032 946 3762

25 Hinton Grove
Tel: 031 563 0636

La Lucia Mall
Shop 301
La Lucia Mall
Tel: 031 562 8065

Victoria Road
Victoria Centre
Tel: 033 342 0145/76

331 Berea Road
Tel: 031 201 4905

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